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Here at DRBS East, we are constantly looking at ways we can provide better services to local people at an affordable level. We enable home owners to action necessary maintenance to their main asset by catering for what they wish to prioritize through a pre-agreed cost.

We have a range of homecare packages which can assist property owners to maintain and optimize the value of their house avoiding future more extensive repairs. Our packages are based on a standard 3 bedroom house and can be adapted to meet your own needs.


With the rising utility costs, it is becoming more important to control the amount of energy you are using in your property. Our energy saving package strives to help you control your costs and includes the following services:

  • Refitting and replacing draught excluders to doors and windows

  • Checking external frame sealing to doors and windows

  • Checking and fitting 100mm Rockwool top-up on to existing loft insulation. BBA recommends an overall depth of 270mm.

  • Fitting low-energy light bulbs (10no)

  • Specific suggestions for potential energy savings to your property.


Expecting a new baby or have young children? What better way than to ensure your house is child proof by having us carry out the following services:

  • Fit and check stair gate (1no)

  • Install window restrictors (2no) and door chains (2no)

  • Install cupboard door fasteners (6no)

  • Install plug socket covers (10no) and tidy loose cables


Fill in your details below and we will call you back at a time that suits you to discuss and book your maintenance package

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After the wind and wet weather of the winter, we provide your home with an external "MOT" with our spring revival package that includes:


  • Refitting or replacing roof tiles or re-bed loose ridge tiles

  • Refit loose lead flashing

  • Re-point and water seal brickwork where necessary

  • Pressure cleaning of deck and patio


Blocked guttering and downpipes can cause all sorts of issues. Our gutter clearance package includes:

  • Clear any debris from gutters and downpipes and water test

  • Refit gutter clips and reseal loose connections where necessary


Let us take care of the little odd jobs that never seem to get done.


Our handy help package is customised by you, the customer. We will provide an operative for a minimum of 2 hours to carry out any of the small jobs you require.

All prices are subject to VAT.

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